Topics for the FDP Program

Theme of FDP: Potential research Avenues in Computer science and Biology

1.       Dr. Roopa Reddy: Application of Multi-omics data analysis in cancer

2.       Dr. S Balaji: Bioinformatics and computational tools for next generation sequencing (NGS) data Analysis

3.       Dr. K M Kumar: Computational tools in tracking covid-19 outbreak.

4.       Dr. Harshavardan Tiwari: Exploratory data analysis on PIMA dataset for early prediction of type 2 Diabetes mellitus

5.       Dr. Amit Kamra :  ORANGE tool- The tool is useful for data visualization, graphical analysis and are very significant to write any quality research paper or Ph.D thesis. It is also very useful for person working on data optimization, data mining. 

6.   Dr. R.K Agarwal: Intuitionistic Fuzzy Clustering Method for Segmentation of Mri Brain Image

7.   Dr. Dinesh M.S : Clinical decision support system for Healthcare applications.

8.    Dr. K.C Santosh: Demystifying AI on COVID-19.

9.    Ravindra S Hegadi : Bone fracture detection and labeling 

10.    Dr. Arathi V.B : Ethics on Teaching.





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